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Peace, Love and Brown Rice
A photographic history of the Big Day Out
We can be heroes - Nick Cave
Colourful cover art for Peace Love & Brown Rice shows blue camera with a yellow lens hood, red and pink scrap book strips and Sophie Howarth's logo.

Peace Love and Brown Rice: A photographic history of the Big Day Out is a vibrant, beautiful ride through Australia's favourite music festival, from when it began in 1992.

Presented in Sophie's signature scrapbook style, the book is packed with pictures, hand-written notes, stories, anecdotes, and collected memorabilia from all the shows. 

Peace Love and Brown Rice showcases the colossal nature of the Big Day Out, the enormous names it attracted, and the backstage candid moments and hard work that went into making it happen. Most importantly, it features the fans - the millions of people that it was all pulled together for.


Available in a deluxe edition including original softcover featuring 1992 to 2005 and a 32-page 2006 supplement. 

Peace Love and Brown Rice is made on 100% recycled paper with soya-based inks.

*Limited edition and fine art prints from the book are available to purchase in Sophie's collections.

“Anyone granted the kind of access that photographer Sophie Howarth had to the Big Day Out - Australia’s biggest touring rock festival since 1992 - has got to have some good rock & roll stories. Naturally, Howarth doesn’t disappoint.”

Rolling Stone Magazine

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